Abstract, modern painted elements made of wood, built together to create interesting Sculptures and Installations. Place them simply in the room, as three dimensional paintings. This is the idea of “art-in-space”, which I realized  with my Segment-Art Style. There are mostly two different paintings in different color tones. Depending on the standpoint, the viewer gets a completely different impression.

gallery of sculpures

Segments painted on wooden elements with acrylic, using pallet knife in a modern, abstract style are assembled, in order to create exciting installations. They are placed in the room as a three-dimensional painting. I used my segment-art style to create a sculptural painting. For most themes I used two different paintings in various color nuances. The sculpture changes when viewed from different angles and in different lightning positions.


Although I always used the same type of wooden panels, there are endless possibilities of how to combine and arrange segments, leaving the most striking results, even without applying paint. This is a selection of my creations.

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